As James Bond returns to our screens in Spectre armed with this trusty Omega, we take a look at his latest bit of wrist action and remind you of some other iconic watches in films.

James Bond - Spectre


The Omega Seamster from Spectre

The watch: Omega Seamaster 300 Limited Edition

For once this is the watch Bond will actually be wearing in the film, rather than a commemorative edition. And what a cool piece it is. While the Seamaster itself isn’t new, its Nato strap is. How Bond will be using it remains to be seen, but we definitely know he can go diving in it, should a swim be required.


Drive 4

The watch: Patek Philippe (exact model doesn’t actually exist)

Used for timing Driver’s five-minute window during which he will wait for the criminal to complete his crime and get out of the building, this Patek had almost as many people swooning as Mr Gosling did.

It isn’t a classic “car chase” watch – usually these types of men accessories are with a diver such a Rolex Sub – but the book on which the film is based was very specific about Driver wearing his father’s Patek.

So the props department duly obliged.

Pulp Fiction

A Lancet watch in Pulp Fiction

The watch: a gold Lancet

Everyone remembers Christopher Walken’s rather vivid description of how Butch Coolidge’s (played by Bruce Willis) father kept this gold watch from being taken by the Vietnamese for five years.

If you don’t, well here’s a refresher…


The Hamilton Murph from Interstellar

The watch: the Hamilton “Murph” watch (not for sale)

Hollywood is a bit of a fan of a Hamilton. It features in the Matt Damon film The Martian, had a role in Men in Black and was worn by Elvis in Blue Hawaii but never has it actually been as major a plot device as it was in Nolan’s intelligent sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar.

And Hamilton didn’t even ask for this, the production team actually approached the Swiss brand to design the watches used in the film.

We won’t spoil the plot but the twist is pretty out of this world…

Kingsman: The Secret Service

The Bremont from Kingsman: The Secret Service

The watch: Bremont Kingsman Special Edition

When it comes to the best of British, you can’t get more so than Bremont.

Its founding brothers have the surname English, are seriously nice chaps and so, it comes as no surprise that, when Matthew Vaughan was looking for a watch brand to adorn the wrists of his gentlemen of the Kingsman Secret Service, he came knocking.

And, being seriously nice chaps, they obliged with three special editions.

Apollo 13

The Omega Seamaster in Apollo 13

The watch: Omega Speedmaster

While Hamilton might win prizes for most unexpected fictional plot twist involving a watch, Omega wins the non-fiction category hands down.

Jack Swigert’s actual real life Speedmaster was used to time the 14-second engine blast that was integral to getting the crew home safely.

Kevin Bacon took on this iconic role in the film. The Omega Speedmaster was played by itself…


The Seiko watch in Aliens

The watch: Seiko 7A28-7000

We had to include this because, for once, it is a woman wearing a watch in a film (you have no idea how hard it is to find one of those). Four Seikos were used in Aliens and this 7A28-7000 Chronograph was chosen by James Cameron because it fitted the familiar yet futuristic vision of the film.

It also looks as kickass and cool as Ripley herself.

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