Meet our ingenious title sponsor Urb-it, the on-demand lifestyle shopping app

We are delighted to announce that Urb-it, the new retail app, is the title sponsor of the Eve’s Watch Awards 2017. Time remains the crux of our horological endeavours here at Eve’s Watch, it undoubtedly stands as the one thing we’re all short of, and the one thing we desperately desire more of. Urb-it may just be the answer we have all been looking for…

Eve's Watch Awards Urb-it

The Pick-Up – an Urber gets what you want or need in Central London

 Just name the time and the place…

Eve's Watch Awards Urb-it

The Handover – an Urber delivers your purchase whenever and wherever you want in Central London

When we first read about Urb-it, the new retail app that enables consumers to shop from an array of boutique, premium retailers and brands across London and have their purchases brought to them by an ‘Urber’ at a time and location of their choice, our instinctive reaction was to revel in the convenience of it, and to admire how much of a time saver it would be.

By partnering with the Eve’s Watch Awards, Urb-it is delighted to tap into the savvy consumer market, directly gaining the attention of those wishing to make time-conscious decisions when it comes to their purchases. We are all busier than ever, and our buying habits should move with the times. On-demand shopping may just be the future!

Eve's Watch Awards Urb-it Neville James

Neville James, Managing Director of Urb-it UK

Neville James, Managing Director of Urb-it UK, the personalised shopping and handover service within central London said of the sponsorship, “We’re very excited to be launching Urb-it in London this Autumn and thrilled to partner with the Eve Watch Awards, a prestigious event that celebrates exquisite timepieces just for women”.

Download the Urb-it App and save yourself some time

The Urb-it service within central London costs a flat fee of £9.99. It is available now via the Urb-it App or as a checkout option on selected retailer websites. It is free to download via the app stores on iOS and Android.

If you want to find out more about how it works, would like to start using it or fancy becoming an Urber please visit Urb-it which explains everything you need to know to get on board.

Eve's Watch Awards Urb-it

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