Born in 2000
Origin Italy
Prices from £2,500
Famous for  Big bold Italian chunky designs

The history of U-Boat begins in 1942 in the Tuscan town of Lucca with Ilvo Fontana, a local who was commissioned to produce watch designs for the Italian Navy and the officers of World War II’s controversial U-Boats. The design was to be easy to read and hard to destroy. These watch designs lay untouched for 60 years until 2000, when rediscovered by his grandson Italo.

Since then, the watch company has experienced stellar success, from being the new kid in luxury watches to one of the most respected and desired watch brands on the market today.

U-Boat watches are made with a unique left-hand configuration, with the robust crown system always placed on the left for comfort. U-Boat designs are heavily influenced by a military style and each watch is made with state of the art Valjoux movements with a power reserve of 44 hours. U-Boat watches are produced with ceramic, steel, bronze and silver and are unique for being entirely crafted in Italy. Renowned for its large, distinctive and typically male aesthetics, U-Boat is not shy of pushing the boundaries – and therefore has finally crafted a totally dedicated women’s watch collection that was launch in 2013.

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