Born in 1846
Origin Switzerland
Prices from £6,000
Famous for  Entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1989 with its Astrolabium, at the time, it was the most complicated wristwatch with 21 complications

Founded in 1846 by accomplished watchmaker Leonard-Frederic Nardin with the intent of producing high quality Marine Chronometers, Ulysse Nardin conquered with over four thousand first place medals to its name! Throughout the 20th century, Ulysse Nardin continued to impress the world with its pocket and wristwatches. In 1989, it entered into the Guinness Book of Records with its Astrolabium, the most complicated wristwatch ever made with 21 complications. Indicating the position of the sun, moon and the stars in the sky at any given hour as seen from Earth as well as sunrise, sunset, dawn, dusk, moonphases, moonrise, moonset, eclipses of the sun and moon and the month and the day of the week – wow!

Ulysse Nardin watches also offers an exclusive calendar feature, the perpetual calendar, which is the world’s only watch calendar that can be moved forward and backward to showcase past or future dates. Innovative with a myriad of special features and functions Ulysse Nardin luxury watches offer style and substance.

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