We’ve reviewed something we think might just be the perfect gift – the Olivia Burton Hummingbird watch with its new vegan-friendly strap

It’s hard to believe that Olivia Burton watches have only been around for five years, especially considering the way the brand has tidal waved through the watch world, leaving flowers, animals and whimsical prints in its wake.

In fact, the brand is so popular that it received the coveted Buyer’s Choice Award at the Eve’s Watch Awards 2016. Perhaps what’s most impressive about Olivia Burton watches is the two women behind the brand, Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings, who started their careers as fashion buyers before turning to watches.

They knew what women wanted – options, different sizes, varying metal hues, pretty patterns – but couldn’t seem to find a brand that ticked the boxes. Instead, they created their own watch empire that blends great prices with plenty of options. Basically, they nailed it.

Olivia Burton’s Signature Midi Hummingbird

Olivia Burton Watches Midi Hummingbird Vegan-Friendly

With success under their belts, Bennett and Fennings listened to feedback from their biggest fans and gave some of their key pieces a vegan makeover. We got our hands on this Vegan Midi Hummingbird with a silver case and animal-friendly black ‘leather’ strap, which doesn’t have any of the plasticky texture you’d expect.

Overall, this is a strikingly simple watch, with a simple strap, silver-plated case, silvered hands and a dial free of complicating numerals or hour markers. This simplicity is off-set by the use of Olivia Burton’s now signature hummingbird motif.

Olivia Burton Watches Midi Hummingbird Vegan-Friendly

You could buy one of their overtly girly floral designs, but there’s something about this monochrome hummingbird number that toes the line between feminine and under-the-radar cool, which makes it perfect for women of any age, and the design has a three-dimensional effect, so there will be plenty of people giving your watch a second look.

Olivia Burton Watches Midi Hummingbird Vegan-Friendly

Every woman we showed it to loved it

Olivia Burton Watches Midi Hummingbird Vegan-Friendly

This isn’t a polarising watch – every woman we showed it to loved it – and it won’t drastically alter any outfit you wear it with. What it will do, however, is add a fresh, animal-friendly dimension to your watch wardrobe for the modest price of £70.

Anyone who buys this little gem for their loved one is guaranteed to be rewarded with a smile, because it’s a watch that’s stylish, cool and ethical. The ideal combination for a thoughtful gift.

Olivia Burton Watches Midi Hummingbird Vegan-Friendly
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