Born in 1989
Origin Switzerland
Prices from £450
Famous for  Only Swiss ‘Manufacturer electronique’, making high quality digital timepieces

The Ventura watch company was established by Pierre and Yuko Nobs in 1989. From opening year onwards its timepieces have been granted international awards for outstanding design. Working with accomplished designers, unrestrained by the limitations of using standardized movements, Ventura has developed and defined an archetypical design language of its own.  Add to this a unique font for the numerals on the electronic watch displays, created on the advice of none less than Adrian Frutiger, the founder of modern typography.  Ventura takes all these assets to create a symbiosis of form, functionality and ergonomics to build resolutely modern watches for men and women.

Ventura’s quest for functionality, precision and quality is deeply rooted in its experience and competence of manufacturing traditional mechanical chronometers.  It is the only Swiss ‘manufacture électronique’ engaged in making high-quality digital watches. All movements and time-modules are developed in-house by watchmakers located in Switzerland and Germany and built entirely by scratch from the careful assembly of the movement to the finishing touches on the final timepiece.

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