It’s common knowledge that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, but you can tell just as much with a watch (including the time!).

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Maybe if Bond had take the time to discover Vesper Lynd watch preferences things would have been different

You may think that, when you have perfume, skirt lengths and hair swishing in your arsenal, a watch really isn’t necessary when it comes to attracting members of the opposite sex.

The obvious answer to that statement is “depends what type of man you are looking to attract”, however for most a watch is an important part of their wardrobe, so they’ll no doubt be looking for someone who shares some of that attention to detail.

And, when you consider that, according to the findings of Aurum Group (which basically has every level of watch retail sewn up, from high-end at Watches of Switzerland to the fashion-led brands at Watch Shop) while women occupy 31% of the watch buying market, men occupy the rest.

If you translate that into a night out, by not taking an interest in your watch, you’re doing yourself out of rather a lot of potential suitors.

“Personally, at the risk of sounding like a patronising, mild misogynist, spotting a ‘proper’ watch on a woman is always heartening – as well as highly attractive,” explains Alex Doak, a man who definitely knows his watches having written about them for over a decade. “It shows brains as well as beauty. It doesn’t even matter if it’s her other half’s ‘borrower’, as long as she clearly cares that it’s mechanical, from a good Swiss watchmaker or French jeweller, and isn’t just beguiled by gems and pinkness. It also means that if I were chatting her up, she wouldn’t be bored when I drone on about watches. Which is all the time.”

In order to help you accessorise your wrist for maximum impact, we’ve picked a selection of watches from brands, both mechanical and quartz, that are sure to garner the raised eyebrow and appreciative head bob of any chap you care to swish your hair at!


Tudor watch

While Wiley might not have been too impressed by a woman wearing his Rolex, it is still a solid choice when it comes to mechanical watches. However, a Tudor, the brand previously known as Rolex’s sibling, gets even more kudos points.

Some of its women’s watches might not be to every taste, but you can’t go wrong with its classic 34mm steel bracelet style.

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Nomos watch

This really is a watch enthusiast’s brand, which makes it a good way to impress the recent convert.

Just mention things such as “Bauhaus-inspired design” or that it makes its own Swing System or that most of its movements are in-house. It isn’t the most obvious of pillow talk but it will certainly appeal to some.

We’d recommend plumping for this gorgeous Tetra – it really is the perfect mix of brains and beauty.

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Zenith watch

Again this is another one of those brands that is ever so slightly under the radar. It is also a manufacture brand and makes some gorgeous women’s watches to boot – ones that tread that fine line between being feminine and tipping into overtly girly.

It also makes watches with complications on them such as this beautiful dove-grey moonphase. It’s perfect if you’re after something with diamonds on but don’t want gemstone overkill.

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Shinola watch

This Detroit-based brand that makes watches for cool, young things (just don’t mention the word “hipster”). There is a utilitarian feel running through its collections, thanks, in part, to the emphasis on using really incredible leather for its straps.

For some serious heft, we’re huge fans of the Runwel (with its 38mm case), particularly with the malachite dial.

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Shore Projects

Shore Projects watch

If you haven’t heard of this brand, chances are you’ve been trekking in the outback for the past few months.

Shore has been everywhere – it is the fashion brand of choice for those people who want to show they are in the know.

Apart from the clean, stylish dials, the really great thing about this watch is its interchangeable strap system. It is so easy to use, in fact, that you’ll be able to switch things up just before you step out the door.

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Tissot watch

This might not seem that imaginative, however, it is a bit of a well kept secret, in so much as it provides Swiss-made automatics for under the £1,000 mark.

This red-strapped Couturier is under £500, has a deploy ante clasp, which is a real sign of quality, and says “I take my Swiss watches seriously”.

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