Tessa Packard Jewellery

Tessa Packard Jewellery

Jewellery used to be reasonably predictable – every year designers or brands merely experimented a little with necklaces lengths or swapped diamonds for emeralds, just to switch things up a bit.

However, that just isn’t the case anymore. Thanks to the insurgence of new designers, which has released the brands’ stranglehold what is stocked in stores, things are getting interesting.

Bracelets don’t just sit on the wrist anymore but are encroaching on to the hand; ears are adorned with cuffs and even pearls have been dragged into the 21st century.

To kick-start our month-long celebration of all things jewellery, we’ve picked some of the key trends for 2015 we think you should be buying into.

Warning – temptation follows…

Hand Bracelets

Gaydamak, LeiVanKash and Clarice Price Thomas bracelets

Just when you’d got used to wearing rings attached to bracelets by chains of varying delicateness, these come along to confuse you. Worn through the middle of the hand, creating a line from the thumb joint across the back of the hand, they either come a minimalist strips or as rather more intricate designs.

From the opulent adornments of Gaydamak to the more minimal APM creations, these are the ideal for beach or bar.

From left to right: Gaydamak Koral 18ct black gold and black diamonds: RRP £8,400, available from Frost of London; LeiVanKash Lily Hand Cuff: RRP £395, available from LeiVanKash and APM Silver Chain palm cuff: RRP £316, available from Kabiri.

Ear Cuffs

Daisy Knights, Ryan Storer and Yvonne Leon ear cuffs

Once the preserved of the piercing-averse or the Camden-Lock crawler, ear cuffs have been given a makeover. The new incarnation is sophisticated, decadent and more Great Gatsby than Goth.

From left to right: Daisy Knights Toro Ear Cuff: RRP £195, available from Daisy Knights; Ryan Storer Ear Cuff (with matching earring): RRP £230, available from Net-a-Porter and Yvonne Leon Ear Cuff in white gold, diamond and emerald: RRP £1,625, available from Net-a-Porter.

Cross-Finger Rings

By Marlene Birger, Tessa Packard and Clarice Price Thomas rings

Why wear lots of rings when just one incredible one will do? That was obviously the question quite a few designers asked themselves, because current rings don’t just occupy the finger they sit on but stretch luxuriously across the hand, like cat in front of a fire.

From left to right: By Marlene Birger Ring in stainless steel and resin: RRP £100, available from Net-a-Porter; Tessa Packard Shanghai Fire Ring in garnet, citrine and smoky quartz: RRP £8,250, available from Tessa Packard and Clarice Price Thomas Double Umbra Ring in gold: RRP £185, available from Clarice Price Thomas.

Punk Pearls

Melanie Georgacoupolous, Mikimoto and Georg Jensen jewellery

The very words “pearl jewellery” was enough to bring on a severe case of the yawns, synonymous as it was with twinsets and sensible skirts.

Not any more. Pearls have undergone a much-needed revolution and can now be seen living it up with diamonds or being given some edge by getting cozy with gold.

From left to right: Melanie Georgacopoulos Duet hoop Earrings, featuring lavender fresh water pearls: RRP £POA, available from Melanie Georgacopoulus; Mikimoto Hanabi Necklace with pearls and diamonds: RRP £POA, available from Mikimoto and Georg Jensen Neva Ring in yellow gold and pearl: RRP £750, available from Georg Jensen.

Estate Jewellery

Mappin & Webb, V Jewellery and Ruth Tomlinson jewellery

Prada has always made a fashion statement out of dressing like your nan and now jewellery designers are taking inspiration from generations past.

Just think would the Duchess of Devonshire approve and you’ll know you’ve picked a winner.

From left to right: Mappin & Webb Swallowtail Brilliant and Baguette cut 1.00ct pendant: RRP £4,250, available from Mappin & Webb; V Jewellery Deco Streamline Bracelet: RRP £185, available from V Jewellery and Ruth Tomlinson sapphire-encrusted gold ring: RRP £1,200, available from EC One.


Theo Fennell, La Gamme and Alexander McQueen jewellery

Some do, some definitely don’t and there seems to be no dabbling on this point. For those men who do when it comes to jewellery, it’s time to ditch the ethnic beads (they never worked anyway) and either play it safe with crisp lines or go full rock star. There really is no room for in-betweens here.

From left to right: Theo Fenell Gold Whip men’s bracelet: RRP £3,950, available from Harrods; La Gramme Ruthenium-plated ring: RRP £280, available from Mr Porter and Alexander McQueen Skull Bone necklace: RRP £345, available from Alexander McQueen.

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