Betteridge’s law of headlines states that if you ask a question in a headline the answer is always no, however when asking whether you should wear watches on the same wrist as jewellery, the answer is actually less cut and dry than you might think.

Firstly, you really shouldn’t layer your wrist up with bracelets if the watch on the same wrist has a precious-metal case. For starters, if you’ve forked out on a timepiece with a case made from gold then you’ve obviously spent a serious chunk of your pay cheque so why are you detracting from your investment? On a more practical note gold watches are softer and scratch easily – a situation those jangling accoutrements are only going to exacerbate.

You should also be careful about metal clash. Just take bi-colour women’s watches as your cue here: steel and yellow or rose gold work well but yellow and rose gold together? Not so much.

And make sure the watch is still the star. Overdo it with bracelets and no one’s going to know if you’re wearing a timepiece.

Seiko watches - wearing watches and jewellery together

Classic day to night – Seiko watches (SFQ812P1 – RRP £169.00  / SFQ814P1 – RRP £159.00

However, once you’ve taken all this onboard, you’ll find that jewellery is one of the quickest ways to transform watches from day to night. Take these classic watches from Seiko, which are incredibly versatile pieces making them perfect for laying with bracelets. With such reasonable pricing, you can also indulge in your complementary jewellery.

Wear it – Day

Seiko on the wrist - watches and jewellery

Seiko rose gold plated case watch with a mother of peal dial and taupe leather strap (SFQ812P1) RRP £169.00 Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Glam and Soul necklace (worn as bracelet), RRP £359 / Grey cardigan from Gap

Seiko Watch SFQ812P1
Seiko Watch SFQ812P1

Choose loose chains that drape either side of the case make for elegant daywear (above), especially when teamed with the cream leather strap, and then for a bolder evening statement opt for contrasting-metal bracelets (below) and a rather chic black strap.

Wear it – Night

Seiko watches and jewellery combined

Seiko gold plated case watch with mother of pearl dial and black leather strap (SFQ814P1 – RRP £159.00) / Gap Authentic 1969 Best Girlfriend Jeans RRP £44.95 / Shoes from Next

Seiko watches and jewellery
Seiko Watch SFQ814P1

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Love Bridge bracelet RRP £159 /Thomas Sabo Love Cuff bangle RRP £125 / Shirt from H&M

Top tips

With the Christmas party season coming up (already!), the temptation to have a wrist packed full of mixed metal, mixed texture chains, wraps and bracelets will be high. But before you get stacking, take a look at our top five tips for wearing watches with jewellery:

1. Wear together, store separately

Your little black dress may look a million times more striking with a diamond-set watch and matching bracelets, but once you take them off clever storage is key. Get into the habit of putting your watch back in its box, whether it cost you £100 or £10,000. Throwing all your pieces in one pot is guaranteed to lead to scratches.

2. Think about materials

If you’re trying to keep your new watch pristine for as long as possible, think about what piece will be sitting directly next to it. A leather wraparound bracelet, for example, will be softer than a heavy metal chain, and will act as a buffer against more damaging items.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix metals

If you’re sporting a lovely gold-toned watch for AW16, don’t immediately reach for your complementary bracelets. A contrasting silver toned jewellery stack will add character and a rock and roll edge… just make sure dainty pieces aren’t swamped by overpowering items and try not to mix the yellow with the rose-gold!

4. Think androgynous

Wear your crystallised dress watch with your partner’s jewellery, or borrow his timepiece and pair with your prettiest charms. The combination of the two is a real conversation starter.

5. Remember, less is probably more!

The urge may be to combine all your favourite pieces in one fell swoop, but as we all know sometimes less is definitely more. A well-chosen bracelet or ring paired with a striking timepiece can sometimes be all you need, especially if the two look like they were made for each other.

Now all you’ve got to do is coordinate your wardrobe!

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